Internet costs 40 percent less. Aren't you happy?


“Since, 2007, the price of electricity has gone down, along with the price of clothing and wireless phone service.” Is this great or not? I mean…

just look at this chart from an NYT article about Surprising Energy Trends!

Internet costs 40 percent less. Aren't you happy? /img/rent-increased-digital-decreased.jpg
CAPTION: College bubble, housing bubble and infrastructure for internet filter bubble, all in one chart

See? When you adjust for inflation, electricity costs 17% less, and Internet almost 40% less now than in 2007. Sure, in the same eleven years getting a decent education increased ~25%, and merely having some roof over your head also increased ~10%. But who cares? Those were minor voices in everybody’s budget, weren’t they?

Basically, in the USA (and I’d argue in most of the “first” world urban centers) digital life is much more affordable, and much more a given right, than material life, and the possibility to enjoy it, and make the world a better place through education. Now this is progress! Be happy!

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