Marriott Hotels, where "sharing" marries...


Do you need a privacy-enhanced hotel room? No problem.

It doesn’t matter if you need that room for a romantic evening, or a confidential business meeting: Marriott Hotels will be happy to “share” with you one of their spare rooms.

Marriott Hotels, where "sharing" marries... /img/alexa-marriott.jpg
CAPTION: Alexa Butler field test in San Antonio. Click to read the full story

We already knew that Marriott participates in what only the clueless still call “sharing economy” by renting rooms on AirBnB. This month, Marriott announced plans to put in its rooms nothing less than Alexa, the Amazon’s device that, if cracked, may forward all the conversations it hears.

In other words, at Marriott Hotels the fake sharing economy marries the real surveillance economy. Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s have a worldwide GDPR (*) conference in some Marriott Hotel some day!

(*) GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union

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