Data stored by governments? No, thanks

What is the point of replacing Facebook and Google with the same things, just with another “owner”?

During a recent “heated debate about Facebook and Google’s ad-funded model” Evgeny Morozov proposed a new system of governance of such platforms:

“where all consumer data is stored by the government, regulated by law. Companies that wish to use the data can apply for permission and can pay.”

“It will treat data the way Norway treats oil. The data will be protected and regulated in a central manner that we have a say over - as opposed to the world government Mark Zuckerberg wants to set in place,” Morozov said.

Stored by governments? Thanks,but no, thanks

Data stored by governments? No, thanks /img/surveillance-state.jpg

A system where all consumer data is “stored by government, regulated by law” freaks me out just as much, if not more, paying FB. The likes of Trump, Putin, Erdogan etc… running THAT kind of show? No, thanks. But I would say no no matter who runs that show. On principle, or more exactly on “architectural” reasons. The less data is stored in one single place the less abuses can happen. The only effective way to oppose what “Zuckerberg wants” is to make any “platform” like his IRRELEVANT.

In my opinion, what governments should fund, if anything, is development of, and free-of-charge access to, totally portable,distributed, but REALISTIC personal cloud services like this.

Last but not least: think twice before “paying to not watch ads”

During the same debate, the idea of offering the choice to pay for not seeing ads (which, please not, is not automatically equivalent to “not being tracked”) came up. On this score, I fully agree with Mrs Kascha Cacy, chief executive USA of UM, who according to the article above said (emphasis mine):

  • “A two-tier internet that segregates those who have paid not to see ads from those who have opted to watch for free is perhaps not the best idea”
  • It freaks me out. We have to be careful about creating a group that no messages can reach and one that’s an open target. It further separates the world

Check out what I think about “paying to read what I WANT, and the others be damned”, or the first of my reasons why I don’t write on Medium or similar places and you will see why I completely agree with Mrs Cacy.