Life as a Service is coming. Aren't you happy?

Amazon is now selling… something right out of a Sci-Fi movie. Nah, even better:

Amazon is now selling home security services, including installations and no monthly fees:

Life as a Service is coming. Aren't you happy? /img/amazon-life-as-a-service.jpg
Relax. Your daily ration of life should arrive at your doorstep any moment now

  • These services “include all the equipment you would need and in-person visits from Amazon consultants to advise and install the kit. The packages are being sold in five price tiers, at a flat fee — no monthly service contracts, a significant disruption of how many home security services are sold today.”
  • Amazon is quietly working on “offering repairs and installations of home WiFi, smart home devices, Alexa installations, and other hardware-related services”
  • This positioning “as more than just a reseller of third-party devices” is considered an interesting development of Amazon’s “wider strategy to move into “selling services”

In case you hadn’t noticed, this really looks more and more like the Matrix, just on demand. Actually, this is Matrix as a Service or, more exactly, Life as a Service. The only difference with the Matrix of the movie:

Life as a Service is coming. Aren't you happy? /img/matrix-plug.jpg
The first generation of plugs was a bit too invasive, we know. But don&#39;t worry, the next version is better


is that the plugs to monitor and “feed” you are not in your body, but in every “device” attached to your life (home, car…). And we call them smart.