Open Source home appliances!

If you can only fund one project this year, please put this in your short list:

design and development of open source home appliances!

Open Source home appliances! /img/open-source-appliances.jpg

The first one should be a microwave oven but “most probably the next one will be a washing machine, or maybe a fridge. The point is to extend the portfolio of open source appliances.”

The goals include:

  • facilitate recycling and maintenance of products, because the knowledge of how it works and how it breaks is available for everyone (Which also helps to create employment opportunities)
  • create resilience and less dependence on fossil fuel value chains, by reducing the shipping of components to what is only necessary. For instance, instead of shipping a whole container of cars, parts can be shipped so that local manufacturers assemble the product.

These are the same reasons why, during the DiDIY Project, I wrote about a modular washing machine, designed to last FIFTY YEARS:

Open Source home appliances! /img/increvable-washing-machine.jpg

In general, recycling, repairability and resilience are among the main advantages of Digital DIY explained in the DiDIY Manual.