That time that Facebook declared (again) that it is a Sovereign State


In case you missed it when it first appeared, please enjoy this interesting paragraph from Mark Zuckerberg’s “personal challenges for 2018”:

“The world feels anxious and divided, and Facebook has a lot of work to do - whether it’s protecting our community from abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states, or making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent,” Zuckerberg wrote. “My personal challenge for 2018 is to focus on fixing these important issues. We won’t prevent all mistakes or abuse, but we currently make too many errors enforcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools. If we’re successful this year then we’ll end 2018 on a much better trajectory”

Protection from abuses, external interferences by [other] nation states, making sure that all its citizens have a good time? That WHOLE paragraph IS the definition of “Sovereign State”. This is not the first “declaration of independence” coming from Facebook, but it’s one of the clearest.

(I first tweeted this here)

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