5000 concepts for Europe? The first one is...

In the first 12 hours from its actual public announcement, my proposal of a “5000 concepts for Europe” book yeld some unexpected (for me, at least) results.

The first thing I did not expect is that the call for an Italy-specific version of the same book got much more suggestions than this one, which should serve all Europeans: 40+ suggestions against one! I have comparable numbers of Italian and non-Italian contacts on Facebook, Twitter and online in general, so I did not expect this, quite the contrary actually. If you have an explanation, I’d love to hear it!

The second thing is the nature of those 40+ suggestions from/for Italy: very focused on the present (just 2 historical personalities, Julius Caesar and Columbus) and many concepts focused on individual qualities or problems, e.g. irony, empathy, self-knowledge… I wonder how and how much the suggestions for Europe will be different.

And the FIRST suggested concept for Europe is…

Algorithm. yes, Algorithm. Not bad, in these times, if you ask me.

Do you agree? Which concept(s) do you consider most important, instead? Thank you in advance for suggesting them here, and see you at the next update. To know how you can help, please read the first FAQ.