Light Saver, a nice project... that should be explained better

Vedant Desai is a “Smart Fifth Grader Football Player” who just invented a “Light Saver” device that…

Light Saver, a nice project... that should be explained better /img/turn-it-off.png

is “guaranteed to save you energy” because it “reminds you to turn off your light before you leave your room”. I would like to congratulate Vedant for his skills and creativity, but I also have a suggestion for him (and for LittleBits):

Vedant, you are really a very competent and enterprising kid! Congratulations! However, as constructive criticism, I would like to highlight that that post about this “Light Saver” would have been better if it had pointed out that a device like that, if really used as a permanent “Light Saver”:

  1. may not save any energy at all, in the big picture. Electronic components require a LOT of energy to be produced
  2. designing and building a “Light Saver” is a great exercise in itself! No doubt about that, especially when done, as you did, with reusable parts. But  actually using something like that instead of a “Turn the light OFF” handwritten sign taped on the door may not be really smart, would it now? Maybe, the really smart home is the one that contains as little electronics as possible

I am sure that you, Vedant, already knew these things. I would just suggest that you mention them explicitly in your post, to help novices to put certain projects in the right perspective. And I’d like LittleBits to help improve the description of your project, and of all future ones with the same characteristics, in such a way. Thanks.