Internet of things, who's right? UK or Denmark?

It’s always fun, and useful, when two or more news, that somehow go against each other, are published in the same day. Last Friday we had:

  • From the UK: Internet of Things is Driving the [Global Market of Homes and Buildings] to New Heights… the residential market is expected to be the subject of the battle between utilities, telcos, technology companies and others
  • From Denmark: a survey found support for digital smart city services [but also] concern about abuse of personal information: 45 percent said they would be unwilling to supply the data to make such services possible… 28 percent of respondents were “very concerned” about data misuse

So, who is right? The “new heights” side, or the “very concerned” one? Probably both, to some extent. These two simultaneous news are an excellent reminder that we have to go only for stuff that is actually needed, instead of Internet-connected useless toys, and look at all sides of the coin since the beginning!

To know more, read the sources: