Some percloud Questions I've already Frequently Answered

(please note that this was just the second part of this other post!)

  • Don’t you see that the percloud could never be as secure, performant, flexible etc as [some other project]?

    • Of course it couldn’t. It doesn’t even try to, it just aims to be actually used by many people. I propose it as an intermediate step towards such solutions, that it is absolutely necessary to provide as soon as possible. Otherwise not even the “100% secure” solutions will be used later

    • If you think [project X] is lacking, why don’t you join it to make it better?

    • Sorry, but this question makes less sense than telling Tanenbaum to work on Linux. Of course, I’m not Tanenbaum nor Torvalds, but why on Earth should I do something like that, even if I believed (which I don’t!) that I could code better than those people? Why should they accept me? The faults I see are not in the chosen software architectures, but in the very need of them, or in the surrounding expectations. See also the next question.

    • If you are so sure that the percloud would be better and be so successful, why don’t you just shut up and do it? Show me the code!

    • Gladly. Pay me to work full time, long enough to get it done, and I’ll do it. While the percloud would be much simpler than the other projects mentioned so far, it’s still much more complex than a shell script. The proposal and some blog posts are one thing, but I cannot afford to even start something like this for free, and I other work to do, so no problem. Period. Besides, anybody can do it and is welcome to do so. I’d be very happy to see somebody else, with more time and skills than me, take this challenge. Really. Please do it! Jut give credit where credit is due and go ahead.

    • So, you dislike how others are doing it but you can’t do it yourself: why don’t you just shut up?

    • Why? If you see somebody saying “I’m going to Mexico” but driving towards Canada, should you shut up just because you can’t give him a ride to Mexico yourself? Especially if you do need him and all his friends to reach Mexico?

    • You still haven’t explained how the percloud should do [x]

    • You sure? Please do read carefully the 4/5 links in the sidebar of and my other percloud posts here before saying so. If, after that, you still miss something, tell me and I will answer as soon as I can!