A few numbers about the European Elections in Italy

(just to give a bit more context for my friends who don’t speak Italian, here is the English version of a post I just published on the italian version of this blog, to help them understand what happened a bit better)

None of the graphs below have any claim of completeness, 100% accuracy and so on. They are just something I put together by dumping into a spreadsheet some numbers about the past elections in Italy that are, at least in theory, more or less comparable. This said, here are the votes (see the bottom Legenda for caption translation, or the italian version for raw data) for the Italian Chamber of Representatives (not the Senate) since 2006, against those of the last 2 European Elections because both, in Italy, are by citizens at least 18 years old (you must be over 25 to vote for the Italian Senate):

A few numbers about the European Elections in Italy /img/confronto-voti-finale-watermark.jpg

This other chart, instead, shows in percentages who gained or lost weight, with respect, again, to the national elections of 2006:

A few numbers about the European Elections in Italy /img/distribuzione-voti-watermark.jpg


  • “Politiche”: nationwide political elections for the italian Senate and Chamber or Representatives: they happen in parallel, but have different constituencies (minimum age to vote for Senate is 25, for the Chamber and for the European Parliament is 18
  • PD/Ulivo: Democratic Party (direct descendant of The Ulivo in 2006) led by Matteo Renzi, current Prime Minister
  • Forza Italia/PdL: Berlusconi’s party, which changed name several times
  • NCD/UDC: people who left Berlusconi and/or had been independent center-right parties all the time
  • M5S: Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement, which participated to national elections for the first time in 2013
  • Lega: The Northern League separatist/federatist (it depends on who you ask…) party
  • Altri: votes for all other parties, combined
  • Calo Votanti: Diminution of people who showed up to vote, with respect to the political national elections of 2006

Of course, if something isn’t clear or you spot some errors, please don’t hesitate to ask!