Antex answers my 2013 post

(this is the complete answer, without any change, that I just received by [Mr Colagrossi, BU-IT Direttore of the FIS / Antex Group], to a post I wrote last year)

Our attention has been incidentally drawn to the post “The false savings of AntexWeb and although this can now be considered outdated, we feel it necessary for a company like ours, which since over 50 years is considered a leader in Italy in the field of Personnel Administration outsourcing services, and it counts more than 400 employees and more than 1,500 clients, to respond to the allegations contained therein, in that they do not correspond to the truth of the current situation and at the very least are inaccurate and biased with regard to the situation at the time of the publication of the post.

Firstly, it should be highlighted that information regarding certification is made available in a specific technical document, to all clients who choose the Antex solution. The fact that the only compatible browser was Internet Explorer was declared, in complete transparency, to all our clients, exactly as today the full certification of our solutions, with the below listed browsers is declared.

If despite that specified by the service provider, access to a Web service is attempted by using non-certified tools, one cannot complain about not being able to use the service correctly.

With regard to the previous non-compatibility with browsers, which today are certified, it can be said that for a company like ours, which has always been on the cutting edge of technological innovation, a precise technological choice was made, justified by many factors (including and still being the case today, of the high prevalence of the use of Windows in companies) and this was the same position of many leading IT companies, bigger than us, active on the market.

It should be also be considered that one of the reasons why we were unable to certify our portal on browsers other than that of Internet Explorer, was due to the dependence of our platform by some third party modules, which were not compatible with other browsers.

To complete the information provided, we would like to point out that the portal Antex@woHRk, which is accessed by more than 120,000 users, is now certified since several months, with regard to the Employee Self Service module, on the Windows platform with the browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome as well as on the Mac platform with the browser Safari.

Today, for the modules connected with storage (payslips, CUD and documents in general) “Mobile Applications” certified for the Apple iOS platform are also available.