They had copied all my articles. No problem


Saturday morning I discovered that a certain Web services company had integrally copied on their own website, without even proper attribution, most of the articles I have written for a magazine. Do they believe

the biggest lie on the Internet? Even if that’s the case, no problem. I just did what I routinely do in such cases. Saturday morning I wrote them this email:


It looks like you integrally copied without authorization some tens of articles of mine from , as everybody may see by searching my name in your website with Google.

No problem! I’m sure that it was an innocent mistake and that you’ll remove all of them immediately. It would be sad to have to repeat this request with the magazine staff, Google, your local Better Business Bureau, all the companies listed in your “Customers” page, your hosting provider… all in CC and with the screenshot I just took of Google listing my name in your website attached.

I haven’t got any answer yet, but Sunday morning all the copies had already been removed.

If the same things happens to you, do the same, and if you think that all copyright is Always Evil, Information Wants to Be Free and so on, please do read the real reasons to fight this kind of copies.

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