PDF version of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom now available

Following several requests, I am making available for download a PDF version of the 2007 edition of my Family Guide to Digital Freedom, with the following notes and conditions:

  • Please note that the same text is also available here on this website, in a format /one page per chapter) that makes it much easier to link it and, even better, add feedback (please do it!). If you want to signal a chapter of the guide to your friend, find the corresponding page in the index and link that one, not the PDF file. This will help me to collect more feedback, more efficiently, and everybody interested to discuss each issue together
  • The PDF file is made available under a CC BY-NC-ND license
  • The whole Disclaimer of the 2007 online edition applies! In synthesis:
  1. please note the part saying that I wrote that stuff a long time ago (in Internet terms), so don’t be surprised if many practical tips and specific examples aren’t so actual anymore
  2. Today, digifreedom.net is frozen! Please make this very clear to everybody you give that file, whenever possible: while I do much more these days for Digital Freedom than I did in 2007, the reference websites for all my activities in this field, from my articles to my Beginner Courses on Digital Rights for all citizens, are mfioretti.com and this website, the Stop.