What does the Stop logo mean, and who did it?

A few days after starting this website I was told that a logo could have made it look better and easier to remember. Thinking to how I could express graphically what Stop! / Zona.-M is all about I said:

if the idea is that this should be a place where one should stop to think clearly, by “filling” his or her brain with the ideas found on the website, couldn’t a gas pump with IDEAS in it instead of gas and filling a human brain be OK?"

The idea seemed to make sense, but in order to implement it… I should have been able to draw. Luckily, Paola Limone, one of the supervisors of the JumPC project quickly pointed me to somebody who was up to the task:: Betty Liotti, designer and webmaster of baby-flash, a website devoted to children with learning disabilities and to their support teacher, rich of tips and didactical exercises of several kinds, on several topics. Betty’s work has already been reviewed and described by others:

so here I’ll just renew my compliments to Betty for her work and thank her for drawing the Stop! logo