Digital Culture online course for parents, teachers and everybody else!

Here is a new online course, one teaching concepts that every parent, teacher or other educator should know. Please write me (mfioretti, at or contact directly VIS if you are interested in an English edition.

The goal of the course, which will begin on Dec. 9th, 2009 and doesn’t require any specialistic knowledge, is to allow participants to really understand:

  • what computer, software and other digital technologies really are
  • what are their effects on our daily life
  • how to find out if schools, hospitals, banks, Public Administrations and other organizations use or not these tools in our own interest.

Main topics include, but are not limited to: democracy and active citizenship in the digital age, environmental impacts of computers and software, purely artificial barriers created through computers in economy, culture and education, impact of ICT on human rights.

The course teachers are Marco Fioretti and Paolo Brunello. The course is managed by VIS, an organization which already has a great experience in the distance training field.

The December 2009 edition of the course will only be held in Italian. If you’re interested into an English edition or just want to get more information, please contact M. Fioretti (marco, at