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Big data about Religion. Or the religion OF Big Data?

and what does all this mean, eventually?

Alternatives to harmful human centred design

Today, “human centred” design is, all too often, more harmful than human. What next?

Main points (and limits) of a new Digital Humanism Manifesto

“The system is failing” said the founder of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee…

What seems missing from DiEM25's Democratisation of Technology and Innovation

Who benefits from “democratising technology and innovation”? Answer: it’s complicated.

The progress behind digital loneliness

I just read something that feels like “everything today’s tech is doing wrong, in ONE SENTENCE”. Then I realized another way to look at it.

On male-dominated technology, and marriage

Is there a connection between male dominance in ICT, and high-tech in general, and evolution of marriage? I don’t know for sure, but these two pieces make me wonder.