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Some questions and suggestions to all commoners

I’m just back from the 2013 Economics and Commons Conference in Berlin. A great event, in which I took lots of general notes synthesized in another post that I’ll publish tomorrow. This one, instead, contains just questions and suggestions from me that I already shared at the conference, or I’d like to share with everybody interested in Commons. A separate post contains my critique to certain arguments against copyright I heard at the same conference.

Going to Vatican as a blogger: which questions and proposals should I bring with me?

On May 2nd, 2011, there will be a meeting with bloggers in Vatican, organized by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, to foster informal exchange and contact with bloggers, that is authors of a self-managed space on the Web, and represented by the Church. The goal is to share the experiences made on the Internet and understand better the needs of the virtual community that exists around the Church.

The real effect of the Internet on Catholicism (or any other religion)

The Online Loser Guide that I just wrote was born also as a reaction to a vision of the Internet (haven for perverted and terrorists, huge time-wasting toy or mere work tool) very limited and narrow-minded. A proof that the effects of digital technologies are much deeper is in how they are influencing the religious sphere, in ways still largely ignored by traditional, mainstream media and by many blogs. The following paragraphs contain some evidence of this trend in Catholicism, but I’d guess that the same general concept is valid for any other religion (more on this at the end).