• On Nov. 5th, 2009, during the first OLE Assembly in Kathmandu, I visited a class that uses the XO laptop in the Binayak Bal School of Badal Gaun, Nepal. Nepal is a wonderful country, but it is still a very poor one (470 USD average yearly income). One of the consequences is that, according to Rabi Karmacharya, executive director of OLE Nepal, “even in the third and fourth grades, many children really don’t know how to read”.
  • The Open Learning Exchange (OLE), a network of grassroots organizations committed to providing Quality Universal Basic Education (QUBE) worldwide by 2015, held its first global assembly in Kathmandu in November 2009.According to OLE, QUBE means being able to: Read local newspapers, magazines and books, Complete job applications, Write letters to friends and employers, Manipulate numbers and keep accurate financial records, Engage in productive work Improve agricultural, nutritional, health and environmental practices, Participate in art and culture Promote cooperation and manage conflict effectively, and Contribute meaningfully to one’s family, community and nation.