Libre Office

  • (this is something I wrote in 2007. Everywhere you read “OO.o” you can (and should) replace it with “Apache OpenOffice or Libre Office”. See the bottom of the page for the origin and history of the text) Many people, schools and small businesses use OO.o only becauseit can be obtained and installed for free, maybe from a Cd-Rom attached to some magazine, without legal problems or exorbitant license fees. Some users love it because it is so similar to Microsoft Office.
  • (this is only the final part of something I wrote in 2007. Please do read the first part to understand where the text below comes from!) A highly structured, metadata rich, application independent XML file format like OpenDocument can finally offer two huge advantagesto all computer users and to Society as a whole. The first is complete interoperability among many software applications, regardless of their user interface, license or development model.