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Italian Students, please give away your ebook slogans!

The Italian Publishers Association (Aie) just launched the “รจ-book” (“it’s an (e-)book”) contest, addressed to all Italian university students, to find the slogan that will publicize a series of digital university textbooks.

Of Vodafone, Copyright, Fair Use and Italy

Two days ago I wrote Does VODAFONE really ignore how copyright works? Why? to criticize the fact that the recently launched Vodafone InFamiglia website contained wrong statements about copyright like: “[Parents and teachers should] explain to students that downloading and sharing a file protected by copyright is a crime”.

Does VODAFONE really ignore how copyright works? Why?

(update 2011/03/24: good news from Vodafone, see bottom of this page) Here we go again. According to Italian newspaper Repubblica, Telecom giant Vodafone just launched in Italy an educational website for a more responsible use of computers and mobile phones called InFamiglia (“in the family”): “a community site dedicated to parents, children and teachers, that will contain guides and interactive services that will help adults to get more familiar with new technologies and will teach children how to use them without risks”.

Notes on copying the CC licensed parts of this website

I have consciously and willingly published this essay under a [BY-NC-SA license]() that does allow for noncommercial verbatim copying because I think it’s important that it is as available as possible.

The "Respect Creativity" project from EMCA Italia: do they tell the whole story?

In August 2009 an administrative employee of an Italian school announced on a teachers mailing list that his school had received an invitation to a European Educational Project for protection of creativity and copyright by Dott.ssa Isabella Longo, Coordinator of EMCA Italia (EMCA is the European Music Copyright Alliance).