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  • The Italian Publishers Association (Aie) just launched the “è-book” (“it’s an (e-)book”) contest, addressed to all Italian university students, to find the slogan that will publicize a series of digital university textbooks. Aie is an association that Garamond, an Italian publisher who is heavily betting just on digital textbooks, abandoned last year because Aie: protects only the interests “of three or four large groups, which are increasingly dominant in the Italian publishing market, especially in the school sector in which we (Garamond) operate.
  • Two days ago I wrote Does VODAFONE really ignore how copyright works? Why? to criticize the fact that the recently launched Vodafone InFamiglia website contained wrong statements about copyright like: “[Parents and teachers should] explain to students that downloading and sharing a file protected by copyright is a crime”. Very quickly, through Twitter, my report came to be mentioned on Techdirt, where it generated several comments. Since I’ve seen similar reactions in other places I decided to put my answer to all such comments here in one place, to have only one link to spread around and, hopefully, only one discussion to follow about this story.
  • (update 2011/03/24: good news from Vodafone, see bottom of this page) Here we go again. According to Italian newspaper Repubblica, Telecom giant Vodafone just launched in Italy an educational website for a more responsible use of computers and mobile phones called InFamiglia (“in the family”): “a community site dedicated to parents, children and teachers, that will contain guides and interactive services that will help adults to get more familiar with new technologies and will teach children how to use them without risks”.
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