• There is a post about children and their online presence that is great, except for a serious omission. The post, titled “How to help children build a positive presence online”, begins by saying: “Rather than just teaching children about internet safety and reducing their digital footprint, we should also encourage them to curate a POSITIVE DIGITAL FOOTPRINT which will be an asset for them in their future. Today’s children are prolific users of the internet.
  • A while ago I asked Italian blogger Francesca Sanzo if she was interested to meet via Skype, to exchange ideas. The result was, if I may say so, interesting in a much more general way than I had imagined. For clarity, I’ve reformatted and synthesized our talks in two parts: the first presents Francesca’s background and work. The second sums up her answers on cyberbullying, which impressed me because, even if I had sent the questions weeks before, by pure chance the actual conversation took place only hours after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

  • If you have reached this page is probably because you followed from Facebook the URL in the photo below and then clicked on the “English” link: The italian text at that URL is an open letter in which I ask Italians to pay much more attention than they are currently doing to the security of their children while driving. I am not publishing a full translation because, as far as I know, the letter as it’s written only applies to Italy, so this is just a short explanation of what that photo is about.