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Author of the Digital Citizens Basics online course. Freelance writer, speaker and trainer specialized in Free Software, digital rights, impact of digital technologies on culture, environment, economy and civil rights.

Digital natives so smart that they do not need certificates

nothing-more-dangerousAn interesting article at The Conversation concludes that:

perhaps it’s time for the pen to say it’s farewells for regular use in the classroom, replaced by the smartphone and relegated to ‘writing time’, just like we used to have “computer time” back when I was a kid.

I agree that, in classes where all the students and teachers have both a smartphone and affordable bandwidth always available, smartphones may do much more to improve learning than it usually happens in such classes. Let’s just not forget that such classes are much less common than we may think, even in so-called “first-world countries”.

Apart from that, there is one paragraph in that article that deserves attention: Continue reading


Trip report: Open Data in Skopje


A couple of weeks ago I was invited at the first National Open Government Partnership Forum in Skopje, Macedonia, for the panel titled “OGP-related Initiatives at the Local Level – Comparative Perspectives”. Here’s a short trip report, complete of link to my slides. Continue reading


Friendly reminder to people who still don’t understand email

The ubiquitousness of no-brain-required social networks and mobile apps has made many people forget, or never learn, a boring truth of digital life: a LOT non-ephemeral online communication still happens via less glamorous, but much more effective tools like email and mailing list. This can have unintended consequences. Continue reading


I don’t get Uber labeling, or Uber drivers expectations

I must be missing something. Seriously. Please explain it to me. First, I don’t get how Uber is still called or classified, or more exactly why so many people seem to continue to let Uber or anybody else get away with it. Second, I don’t get titles and posters like these about “Uber strikes” or “Uber unfairness”. Continue reading